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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Chess King
Home Plane: Quantum Plane
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Goals, Strategy, Planning, Cause and Effect, Flow of Energy
Clergy Alignments: Non evil, rarely chaotic.
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Fire, Water
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Celothir (pronounced with a hard C) was once a mortal whose reckless actions caused the death of his son. After this, he never did anything without contemplating the outcome. As a result, he spent much of his time in thought and contemplation. He became a master of strategy, planning, and cause and effect. The other deities were so impressed with his precognitive abilities that they raised him to deity status after he beat the god Kord in a year long game of chess.

His home plane, the quantum plane, is extremely difficult to navigate for those not accustomed to it. It is a place where everything is always in motion, nothing is ever certain, and probabilities dictate the course of events. For those accustomed to it's workings, action and reaction can be seen as it plays out in the wave forms and energy transformations of the surrounding world.


The world is like a pool of water. We may see the surface, but there is a deeper world underneath that is not seen. Even though the eye cannot penetrate into the depths, every movement in the water may be discerned by understanding the waves upon the shore.

The world is like a flame in a fire. The energy shifts and flows, manifesting itself in a way that can be known, felt, and used.

—The Way of the Wave

Celothir asks that his followers contemplate the results of their actions and know how they will affect the world.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His clergy spend a great deal of time in thought. They study politics, society, strategy, science, and even music. They watch and wait for the correct moment, where a single action of theirs can change the course of history towards their purposes.

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