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An adult Cathaki is seen by many as animal, although tis intelligent and indeed, can often defeat a human in a battle of wits. They can also see through deceptions easily, and although slow to anger, can easily kill a man with one swipe of their massive claws.

A Cathaki spends most of its life in contemplation, hanging from a huge branch. The Cathakis have not gone to war as a species for hundreds of years, but who knows... maybe one day they will leave their huge forest homes and head into the world once more... and that day will be a terrible day for those who they march against...


Cathaki tend to be long-tempered, but willing to kill (which is easy for them with their huge claws). Most Cathaki are loners, willing to spend their five centuries or so in contemplation. However, if called to assist a friend, they will, and if a comrade is killed...
They will sometimes appear in the middle of a funeral and simply bow their great heads.

Physical Description

Cathakis have no size distinction between genders, instead the whole species can grow up to twenty feet in length. They often weigh more than two tonnes, and are covered in a thick, heavy fur that can stop a blow from a club.

Their actual appearance is alike to a Sloth, although their eyes are slightly smaller, and their front paws are scaly and prehensile. They also have two heavy claws on each hand, which can cut through mithral! Their arms are massively strong, as are their legs, and a long tail sprouts from their rear. They can walk on their hind legs, although they prefer all fours.


Cathakis keep themselves to themselves, and although the occasional Saniarme, Florian or Kokeshi may be befriended, they are suspicious of Threbelhd, disgusted by Kanna Bajang, Skerrotians and Skrathosi, and simply ignore Skinks and Necrinfants.


Cathakis are almost always chaotic neutral, the other hundred or so split between true neutral and chaotic good.


Cathakis take no lands as their true own, but claim single trees in the deep forest as theirs. They treat it with the same reverence a Dryad has for her own tree.


Clerics among the Cathaki are rare, but those few tend to worship gods of nature, mainly Obad-hai.


Cathakis speak a deep tone of common, as well as Sylvan.


Cathakis have no name in Common, having a name in Sylvan instead. There are no common names for them, as they can have almost any name in Sylvan and every one is unique.


Cathakis whos trees have been destroyed or whos forests have been wiped out go on a huge walk, only returning again after the trees have had time to regrow. There are at least thirty such adventurers in the world at this time.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, -4 Dexterity, -6 Charisma
  • Pin down (Ex): After gaining three levels in any class, the Cathaki gains this ability. A Cathaki can make a grapple check against an already grappled opponent in an attempt to pin it down. If successful, the opponent is pinned down beneath the Cathaki's claw. Pinned opponents take trample damage in each round they are pinned, including the turn that the pin is established. The claw that the Cathaki uses to pin the opponent cannot be used to attack (either claws or any weapon held).
  • Trample (Ex): After gaining two levels in any class, the Cathaki gains this ability. As a standard action, a Cathaki can trample opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. This attack deals 2d8+12 points of bludgeoning damage. A trampled opponent can attempt an attack of opportunity (penalty -4) or a reflex save (DC 24) for half damage.
  • Scent (Ex): The Cathaki can detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.
  • A Cathaki's base land speed is 30 ft.
  • +1 natural AC bonus: thick hair and thick skin.
  • Huge: as huge creatures, Cathakis get a -2 size penalty to AC.
  • Armor: Cathakis need special armour crafted for them, and because of this armour costs +4D10GP.
  • +6 racial bonus to climb checks and intimidate checks.
  • -20 racial penalty on hide checks.
  • +15 racial bonus on grapple checks.
  • -4 racial bonus to Attack rolls.
  • Level Adjustment: +4

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