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A weapon with the Focus property can be used as a focus of the listed type - for example, focus (arcane) for an arcane focus, focus (druidic) for a druidic focus, or focus (arcane,druidic) for both.

Focus Weapons[edit]

Focus Weapons Cost Damage Weight Properties
Club, Variant 1 sp 1d4 bludgeoning 2 lb. Finesse, focus (arcane,druidic), light
Combat Staff 10 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 6 lb. Focus (arcane), versatile (1d10)
Flail, Variant 10 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 2 lb. Focus (Divine)
Mace, Variant 5 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 4 lb. Focus (Divine), versatile (1d8)
Morningstar, Variant 15 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lb. Focus (Divine)
Sickle, Variant 1 gp 1d4 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, focus (druidic), light

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