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Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. Hunger, Justice, and Wendigos
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Carnivorous is a God of twisted Justice meaning he dishes out his own punishments acting as judge, jury, and executioner. One of the worst crimes to him is knowingly partaking or making someone else partake in the act of cannibalism. Any who he finds committing these crimes he turns into ravenous Wendigos (, which he affectionately calls his "hounds", cursing them for eternity. However if there are any other people he finds have done horrendous deeds and gone unpunished he will teleport the criminal to his forest where he will have his "hounds" chase them down and tear them limb from limb.

Appearance wise Carnivorous takes the appearance of a ten foot tall cloaked man with a deer skull for a head. Under his cloak you can find a ever shifting arrangement of thousands of bones. Many have speculated where these bones come from but nobody knows for sure.

Carnivorous is a fickle deity that is often alone but, will often get into arguments with other deities over the possession of a person's soul (this may happen when a warlock commits cannibalism).

While not common there are those who worship Carnivorous. These mainly consist of those who feel wronged by life or seek a more cruel means of justice. Baring his sign, a dear skull with ebony antlers, some clerics have been known to chase corrupt officials into the forest after covering them with deer's blood hoping to attract Carnivorous' hounds; and sometimes he does oblige.

Quests include A man who has unknowingly been fed "forbidden meats" but Carnivorous does not know that. The party must prove the poor NPC's innocence and find who fed them the "forbidden meat" Not all Wendigos are under Carnivorous' control killing some of the wild ones will likely lead to Carnivorous paying the party a "bounty"

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