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Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Nature, Balance
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

In life, Bryxsis Shaderoot was an elven martyr and initiator of the first recognized druid grove in the history of Aspenvayne. Bryxsis was removed from her home and material possessions to set an example to rebellious farmers/peasants in the kingdom of Sapphiremeadow. Bryxsis was sheltered and protected by the ancient tree Wiseroot in a vale near Sapphiremeadow. Bryxsis and Wiseroot were bonded in spirit as they created the First Grove. Bryxsis was a symbol of hope and balance for the peasant folk. She opposed injustice and tyranny while ensuring she did not tip the balance. She understood the need for the protection and structure the kingdom provided. Bryxsis lived for many centuries spreading the knowledge she had acquired from the grove and Wiseroot. The long lived elves of Sapphiremeadow did not forgive her interventions on behalf of the commonfolk and successfully plotted her demise. Mystic forces were employed to poison Wiseroot. This ended her reign in the forest but her legacy lived on in the stories of the peasants and those she inspired/trained.

Boughs of Wiseroot were freely given, by the tree, to her council which have been utilized to create a network of additional druid groves around the continents of Aspenvayne.

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