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Bow of Force Level 4+ Uncommon
This seemingly ordinary bow lacks a drawstring at a glance. But upon drawing their fingers back, the wielder feels a line of shimmering force at their fingers along with a silvery arrow.
Level 4 +1 150 gp Level 19 +4 4,750 gp
Level 9 +2 1,900 gp Level 24 +5 6,500 gp
Level 14 +3 2,500 gp Level 29 +6 9,000 gp

Weapon: any bow
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 force damage per plus
♦ All damage dealt by this weapon is force damage and the wielder need not supply ammunition for it. Arrows composed of force are created by the weapon when it is used to attack and dissipate after they are used.
Power (Force) ♦ Encounter (Free Action)
Trigger: The wielder lands a hit on a creature with this weapon. The target takes an extra 1d8 force damage and is pushed 2 squares.

These bows are highly valued among ranged fighters due to the lack of a need for ammunition. The bows channel magic into a form which powerfully pushes at enemies. It can sense the wielder's intent and create arrows by drawing on the ether around it.

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