Boon of the Ocean (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of the Ocean[edit]

Prerequisite: Must be Above 10th level.

Your body has been blessed by a elder water titan of creation or any thing else of the like.Your body will start taking on the form of water.

  • waves of creation: You now can cast Control Water at will.
  • visage of kraken: Your body takes on the visage of the kraken. You can now breath underwater and you have a swim speed equal to your movement speed.When in water you gain advantage on ability checks made to grapple creatures and you gain a +3 bonus to your AC when in water and a +1 bonus to AC when out of water.
  • Waters retort:When you are struck by an attack you can summon a blast of water from within you to push back the attack. three times per short rest you may as a reaction summon a column of water that pushes the attacking creature back 25ft and deals 2d10+proficiency bonus in bludgeoning damage to take half damage the target of this attack must make a Dexterity saving throw against a DC of 10+(your choice of your wisdom, charisma or intelligence modifier)+your proficiency bonus.

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