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Boon of the Devourer[edit]

You have the incredibly rare ability to claim the traits of those you devour. This boon cannot be removed through any means. You cannot gain legendary action, legendary resistance, or spellcasting abilities through this boon. If you are the DM, you may choose to put a restriction on how many abilities a player can gain through this boon, or add a risk of gaining a form of madness every time a player gains a trait through this boon.


Whenever you kill a creature, you may choose to devour or in some way ingest a portion of the creature. Upon doing so, you may randomly claim one of the following;

  • An increase to your hit points equal to or less than their hit point maximum.
  • An increase to your natural armor equal to or less than their own natural armor.
  • An increase to the number of attacks you can deal within an action.
  • An increase to your critical chance equal to or less than their critical chance (i.e 19-20)
  • One of your ability scores increases by an amount equal to or less than their ability score.
  • One of the creature’s abilities or traits.
  • One of the creature’s immunities or resistances.

If you devour a majority of, the entirety of, or several of the same types of creatures, the DM can choose to either grant you the same ability multiple times or grant you multiple abilities. This cannot also apply to particularly strong devoured creatures. If the ability cannot stack with itself, the DM can choose to in some way heighten it’s effects whenever you receive that bonus multiple times.

Altered Form

Whenever you devour a creature, you can choose to alter your body in a way that you decide, but must resemble the creature you killed. If this creates a form of natural weapon, you gain the same damage and damage modifiers the creature had, or, at the DM’s discretion, change the damage to match your form. You can also potentially gain the creature’s speed or ability to move in ways other than walking (i.e gaining a swimming speed). This effect cannot change your type, but it can change your size category.

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