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Boon of The Devourer[edit]

You have become a Devourer, a creature that consumes the souls of others for power and immortality. This boon cannot be removed by any means. Your race is now fiend, with the subrace of Devourer.

Devourer of Souls

Whenever you reduce a creature to zero hit points that isn’t a non-sentient undead or non-sentient construct, you consume its soul. Whenever you consume a soul, you regain 10d10 + your level hit points. The effect of consuming so many souls has heightened your power, as their power and experience flows through you. You have proficiency in all saving throws and skills, and have advantage on all saving throws. Additionally, your speed is doubled and all of your ability scores increase by 5, to a maximum of 30. Your unarmored defense is 15 + Strength modifier + Dexterity modifier, and you gain a +5 bonus to AC while wearing armor. The maximum amount of souls you can have within you at once is equal to 5 times your level. Any souls you try to devour after that simply pass on as normal.

Demonic Appearance

Your appearance changes, becoming almost demonic. These changes are determined by the player. You may have strangely colored eyes, sharp teeth, paper white skin, horns, claws, etc.

  • Claws: 2d6 + Dexterity modifier slashing damage. Reach 5 ft.
  • Fangs: 2d4 + Strength modifier piercing damage + 2d4 poison damage. Reach 1 ft. Target must succeed on a Constitution save equal to your Strength score or be poisoned for 10 minutes.
  • Horns: 2d6 + Strength modifier bludgeoning damage. Reach 5 ft. Target must succeed on a Strength save equal role your Strength score or be knocked prone.

As long as you have at least one soul within your possession, you no longer age past the point where your race reaches maturity. Any aging you've experienced past maturity before acquiring this boon will happen in reverse, at a 1:1 ratio, until you reach that point. Additionally, you are immune to all effects that would age you, magical or otherwise.


You can only be killed by being pierced through the heart. If you are reduced to zero hit points but we’re not pierced through the heart, you can sacrifice one of your stolen souls, allowing you to immediately regain half your hit point maximum and be cleared of all diseases, effects and curses, magical or otherwise. If you are killed permanently, only divine intervention can resurrect you.

Innate Spellcasting

Through the power of the stolen souls, you can now cast spells. You can cast any 1st - 9th level spell, but casting a spell using this method costs an amount of souls equal to twice the spell level.

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