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Boon of Soul Sight[edit]

You can see the souls of creatures that are within range of your soul sight vision, this vision acts like devils sight. Your eyes have become attuned with the spiritual world. While in darkness or at night, your eyes now glow a faint blue color. With this boon, you gain Darkvision to a range of 120 feet and you can now faintly sense living creatures within 120 feet of you and see the glow of their souls. You can see this glow even if they are obscured by thick walls or large objects as long as they are within 120 feet. Though you can see the souls of creatures faintly, this sight does not give you the ability to automatically discern if something is an illusion or not, instead giving you advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) Checks to discern if an illusion of a living creature is real or not.

Different creatures have different colour souls, check the following list below for types:


  • (Dark Purple) Aberrations are utterly alien beings as are their souls


  • (White) Beasts have simple spirits that are easy to see.


  • (Gold) An celestials soul shines a bright golden colour and can often be blinding.


  • (Varies) Depending on the type of construct and how it was created some can have souls while others cannot.


  • Good Dragons (Platinum)
  • Evil Dragons (Crimson Red)

Elementals An elementals soul resembles the plane from which it hails from.

  • (Fiery Red) Often making the fire elemental looking bigger then it is, its soul is as a burning flame.
  • (Flowing Blue) Flowing like a river, a water elementals soul always seems to be in motion.
  • (Gusting White) Similar to the soul of a beast though it seems to be constantly flowing in a gust of wind.
  • (Rambling Brown) An earth elementals soul is strange in comparison to other creatures souls. Though it seems solid it constantly seems to be shifting within itself.


  • (Twilight) It always seems like a fey's soul is as the setting sun.


  • (Black) A fiends soul is a scary thing to gaze upon, it is as black as the darkest night.


  • (Dark Grey) A giants soul is a very dark grey that shows off their strength.


  • (Pale Blue) Most humanoids souls are pale blue but sometimes their emotions can cause a soul to become darker(sadness, anger and stress) or even brighter(happiness, comfort and pleasure).


  • (Varies) Depending on the origin of the monstrosities depends what colour it soul will be, it if often a mixture of multiple souls.


  • (No Color) Oozes tend not to have souls unless a wizard has decided to create one with a soul.


  • (Pale Green) Plant life in general do not have a soul instead they share a conscious of primal energies that can be seen as a soul.


  • (No color) As most undead do not have souls, in the case that they do it is the colour of the creature type it used to be.

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