Boon of Smithbending (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of Smithbending[edit]

Prerequisite: Strength 18, proficiency in smith's tools

You have slaved to the forge for so long that metal and stone are like putty to you. A deity has noticed your work and granted you the power to remove the middleman.

  • You can now work metals, minerals, and stone as if they were soft clay, and no longer require access to any tools or forges to craft items made from these materials. You are also doubly proficient in rolls made to craft items from these materials.
  • You only need to spend one fourth of the total market value of items you craft (instead of one half) from metal, mineral, or stone, such as spending 375gp rather than 750gp on raw materials for a suit of plate armor.
  • You craft items made from metal, mineral, or stone ten times faster, such as spending only 30 days rather than 300 on crafting a suit of plate armor.

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