Boon of Find Greatest Steed (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of Find Greatest Steed[edit]

You learn the spell find greater steed and may cast it once per day without expending a spell slot. Any steed you summon with find steed or find greater steed gains the following abilities:

  • Your steed’s hit point maximum becomes equal to half of your hit point maximum (rounded down) or its own, whichever is higher.
  • Your steed's Armor Class increases by an amount equal to your proficiency bonus while it is not wearing armor.
  • When you cast a spell that requires concentration while your steed is within 10 ft of you, you may choose to have the steed concentrate on the spell on your behalf, effectively allowing two concentration spells to be in effect simultaneously.
  • The Steed gains the ability to speak any language that it understands.

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