Boon of Artifact Affinity (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of Artifact Affinity[edit]

Select 1 item that you are attuned to. The item becomes part of your persona and merges with your physical form.

You no longer use an attunement slot for that item, and no longer need to be wielding it to use its effects.

For 1 action, you may conjure or summon the item to your hand, cause it to merge with your form, or make it invisible.

Even if the item is not on your person, you may take any action the item would allow you to if you were wielding it, as if it were part of your body.

Some restrictions may apply, based on the item.

For example, if a sentient item will now be merged with you, it's sentience remains although it will now be considered charmed by you at all times, even if it is immune to the charmed condition. Your personality shifts slightly towards that of the item - this is not enough of a change to change your alignment

You permanently become associated with the item and its effects, and your physical appearance changes slightly to reflect this, even when the item is not merged with you.

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