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Body Control (Wis)[edit]

You have mental control over your body.

Requirements: Psychometabolism feat; can be used untrained

Check: You can make a Body Control check for a number of different tasks, described below.

Task DC
Sleep normally despite distractions 5
Sleep normally despite difficult distractions 10
Slow breathing to half normal rate 10
Ignore pain or injury 10+ damage dealt
Body awareness 15
Speed recovery 15
Slow breathing to one-quarter normal rate 15
Feign death and delay poison 20
Overcome disease Disease’s DC
Overcome poison Poison’s DC

Sleeping: A successful Body Control check allows you to sleep in difficult conditions, including bad weather, noise, buzzing insects, and so forth.

Slow Breathing: You can deliberately slow your rate of breathing so that you consume less air, vital in situations where there is only a limited amount of breathable air available.

Ignore Pain: You can ignore the effects of pain or injury while awake or asleep. If you choose, nothing can wake you, as long as you make a successful Body Control check.

Body Awareness: Conversely, you can become very aware of your body while asleep or concentrating. This allows you to sense if you are touched or moved in any way while using Remote Viewing, for example. If you are damaged, subtract the amount of damage dealt from the DC of the Body Control check.

Speed Recovery: You can speed your natural recovery process, regaining hit points at twice the normal rate (or level × 2 hp per day’s rest).

Feign Death: By exerting supreme control over your body, you can enter a deep trance almost indistinguishable from death. A Spot check with a DC equal to your Body Control check is required to determine that you are still alive. Effects that detect life still work normally on you. While in this state, you also suspend the effects of any disease or poison in your system for as long as you remain in the trance.

Overcome Disease or Poison: By concentrating for a full round, you can substitute your Body Control skill check for your Fortitude saving throw against a disease or poison in your system. This usually means you can only use Body Control against the secondary effects of a disease or poison, unless it is slow acting and you are warned soon enough to use Body Control to resist the initial effects (in the GM’s judgment).

Special: You can take 10 on Body Control checks, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Body Control is a full-round action. The effects last as long as you concentrate.

Strain: DC divided by 5.

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