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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Blunder-Spear 400 gp 1d8/1d10 Piercing 1d8 Slashing 1d6/2d6 Piercing 10 lb Versatile, Trick Weapon, Reach, Trick Weapon, Ranged (20/60), Special

The Blunder-Spear is a trick weapon that is a combination of a blunderbuss and a greatspear, and transforms into two different forms:

Form 1: In this form the Blunder-Spear looks like a normal greatspear with the blade of it covering the top of the barrel and can be used like a normal spear.

  • Properties: Versatile, Trick Weapon, Reach
  • DMG: 1d8/1d10 Piercing
  • Trick Weapon: As a bonus action you can transform the weapon into its second form.

Form 2: In this form of the Blunder-Spear the blade slides down to become somewhat of a bayonet beneath the barrel.

  • Properties: Two-Handed, Trick Weapon, Ranged (20/60), Special
  • DMG: 1d8 Slashing
  • Ranged DMG: 1d6/2d6 Piercing
  • Reload: It takes a bonus action to reload with improvised ammunition and a full action to reload with proper ammo.
  • Trick Weapon: As a bonus action you can transform the weapon into its first form.
  • Special: This weapon deals 2d6 damage when fired with normal ammunition, can also be used to shoot gravel or other shrapnel as long as it fits in the chamber. Any additional effects caused by the improvised ammunition is at the DM’s discretion.

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