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Weapon (greataxe), Legendary (requires attunement by a character with a Strength of 15)

According to the legend there was once a great warrior whose name was Hogrim, a gnoll berserker, he was as wild and mad as a feral hog. They say that once at his favorite tavern called the "Boars Brush" he was losing a gambling match to a hooded stranger it is then that he declared the stranger a cheater and challenged him to wrestle to see who would get the pot. The stranger accepted and revealed his true form, a horrid Goristro hulking and pulsating, but Hogrim did not fear for what use had he of fear." Let us raise the stakes." said the wretched devil "If i win then your soul will be mine and you will pay for your pathetic insults, but if you win then I will forge an artifact for you with my own soul!!" Hogrim agreed, and clashed with the demon for 9 days and nights and in a burst of rage he suplexed the mighty beast winning the match. The demon was bound by its code to uphold its bargain and as a result Bloodmourne was forged and within it the Goristros soul was trapped.

Bloodmourne is a larger sized, double headed greataxe, it has an appearance that is of a black metal-like material with silver accents, its structure features 12 jade-like green eyes, 3 on each side of each axe head, they can be closed at the weapons discretion and produce light that can be seen in dim and bright light but not pure darkness or magical darkness, as well as a mouth on the bottom of the two heads, it's handle is well crafted, smooth and easy to get a grip on,the axe head, which is the general shape of a great axe but it is covered in engravings, carvings, with demonic and Underdark runes lining the edges and handle, that are hard to see in some lighting due to the weapons void like blackness. The edges of the blade are themselves jagged and sharp with silver outlines.

Hellborn This weapon is infused with a demon's soul and forged by one. This weapon can deal either 2d12 additional necrotic damage or 2d12 fire damage, however these only apply against celestial and good creatures, Celestials take double damage from this weapon.In addition it has a +2 attack .

Soul Crypt When this weapon is used to reduce a creature with a CR of 20 or higher is reduced to 0 hit points, unless it is a undead or construct, the wielder can choose to make the creature make a DC 18 Charisma saving throw. On a failure, the creature's soul is trapped in Bloodmourne along with the Goristro. If they succeed, they return to one hit point and do not die. Regardless of whether or not creature succeeds the throw, this effect can only be used once. The greataxe regains use of this effect at dawn.

Sense of the Goristro This weapon allows you to perfectly recall any path you have traveled, and it can notify the wielder of paths traveled and enemies that it can see.

Mercy of Brethren The Goristro still misses his former friends in the hells, as a result it is hesitant to attack his demon kin. You have disadvantage on attack rolls with this weapon against fiends.

Wretched Hate When the wielder dies and they are wielding Bloodmourne, they go into a blind rage until the end of your next turn after which you die and your soul gets absorbed into Bloodmourne on a failed DC 18 Charisma saving throw. While under this effect, your AC becomes 25, you regain 1 hit point, your weapon attacks deal double damage, your movement speed increases by 45 feet, and you gain immunity to all damage execpt slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. While in this state, you attack the closest creature to you. If there is more than one in range, then the creature that is at the lowest health that isn't an ally takes priority, unless an creature of celestial descendance could be moved to and attacked, in which case that is the target it takes priority.

Searing Pain When you suffer from a critical hit, the weapon loses it's power for 1d6 turns, and you are rendered vulnerable to the attack.
Sentience. Bloodmourne is a Neutral Evil greataxe. He has Intelligence 18 (+4) Wisdom 12 (+1) Charisma 10 (+0). He can send telepathic messages to the wielder, someone with direct contact, or someone attuned to it that is at most 60 feet away. He has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. He can speak Deep Speech, Abysall, and any language the wielder can speak. He speaks in whatever voice he chooses.
Personality. The soul of Bloodmourne is far from that of a normal Goristro, decades of being trapped in an axe has made him cunning and filled with guile. The Goristro is however easy to please with killing, murder, and treasure, but especially the killing of angels and holy men. He can also be pleased by a simple conversation from time to time as being trapped in an axe locked in a tomb for thousands of years has made him both realize how to be lonely and made him incredibly lonely. However it is important to note the weapon is incredibly Greedy and believes the Strong should take from the Weak and won't settle unless the player takes anything from coins on the street to getting to be the first on in the treasure trove and grabbing handfuls when no one is looking. He is displeased with things such as, paladins, not necessarily in the party but he does get very mad when wielded by said paladins and other holy classes, though with exceptions such as if his current wielder dies. If the wielder lets him down, does not do evil for 3 days, has dealing with Celestials or Gods, or let's things like treasure slip out of their hands too often a conflict between Bloodmourne and its wielder occurs at the next dawn.

Destruction The weapon is rather hard to destroy, but it can be done. While the physical weapon it's self is almost impossible, it can be done with an incredible amount of light based power, say a powerful angel or a deity, such thing would be rather simple as due to the nature of the weapon you could get an angel or deity to smite it or send a representative collect by usually just notifying them to it's location be it by a paladins prayer or a angel on the land being informed. The other way is to destroy the soul that dwells within it, a litch getting a very, very lucky shot on it, or really anything that could destroy a soul, but it is important to know the soul is quite durable, and it might survive a shot, but if you were to use spells in an attempt to deliberately destroy it, odds are even if it did manage to cling on after a hit, you could just follow up with another spell.

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