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Blood Assassin[edit]

Rogue Subclass

Inspired by Toga Himiko

Use your victim's blood to transform and daggers to draw it to gain advantages.

This sub-class primarily focuses on the aspect of utilizing creatures that bleed ingesting their blood and using their features to gain the upper hand,

if your campaign has alot of constructs or undead you may have a few issues.

At first glance people may accuse you of being a vampire due to your now sharper teeth and desire for blood.

Blood Assassin (Himiko Toga).jpg

Vampire by Nature

At 3rd level, you may drink blood without contracting poison or disease.

You have a weaker form of Darkvision allowing you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness however you may discern colours

You move an additional 10 feet

You may track via even the faintest scent of blood, this will be included into your Survival rolls.

Gain advantage on tracking/perception rolls against targets whom are bleeding/bloodied.

Blood Transfusions

At 3rd level, you may store blood into containers.

You gain a resource named Blood Drinking these points are up to your level + Charisma Modifier, These points will return upon completing a short/long rest.

You may siphon blood from a creature for later use,

this will not consume a Blood Drinker point however will consume your primary action.

Consuming this will also cost an action.

Doing this will heal you for 1d4 + Charisma modifier.

If drinking from directly from a fresh wound of a dead or bound creature.

you will be placed into a prone position until this action is complete.

Doing this will heal you for 1d4 + Charisma modifier and consume your bonus action.

You may also drink the blood splashed across your weapon to restore 1d2 + Charisma Modifier so long as it is fresh. (2 Minutes)

Doing this will heal consume your bonus action and will clean the blade, but not of traces.


At Level 4, Consume Blood (Stored or Fresh) Gaining access to abilities for one hour,

However your maximum hp will remain the same Voices and appearance are mimicked perfectly however you must act in a manner fitting of who you transformed into to avoid suspicion, You can revert back at anytime.

Whilst under the effects of this transformation, your armor and clothing cannot be shape shifted so you will have to make a choice to remove it.

Whilst unarmored in a transformed state, you gain the AC of what you have transformed into. you have advantage on any Charisma (Deception) check you make to avoid detection.

Partial Transformation

Consume Blood (Stored or Fresh) Gaining access to abilities for two hours,

You may also choose to change a specific part of your body instead

This can be beneficial as you may gain effects such as Dark Vision if using a creatures eyes that has this ability.

You can also simply choose a voice, or any other body part to gain its effects.

Serrated Blades

At Level 6, whilst using Daggers, gain +1 to attack rolls. (1)

Should you attack with a bladed weapon, the creature will noticeably bleed (if applicable)

At Level 9, Whilst using Daggers, gain an additional +1 to attack rolls. (2)

Add +1 to your AC If using daggers.

At Level 14, Whilst using Daggers, gain an additional +1 to attack rolls. (3)

Throwing Knife Flurry

At 8th level, you gain proficiency at throwing knives/daggers/darts

You can throw a maximum of 3 per Action.

You can throw an additional 3 as a Bonus Action if you previously used a ranged attack in the previous turn.

Blood Domination

At 15th level, select a Party Member/Creature, This will be your link.

If this Party Member/Creature falls unconscious, enter a rage,

Until they are stabilized or battle ends, Gain +2 AC and gain advantage on attacks dealt to enemies around your link (50 feet from them).

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