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Ring, Legendary (requires attunement)

A smooth golden ring engraved with the name of it's maker, the Archmage "Noruas", in elegant calligraphy.

The Mind Within the Ring. This ring is fully sentient and has a rather twisted, if overall good, personality. Its regard upon most things is ironic. It can communicate with it's wearer telepathically. It will help those it comes to like by sharing, when needed, some of it's rather extensive knowledge, namely that of the Archmage Noruas, its creator.

Power of the Second Ring. When wearing this ring after having attuned to it, one gains an extra spell slot of the highest level one already has. For example, if one has a 4th level spell slot as their highest spell slot, the ring grants an extra 4th level spell slot. If one has no spell slots, the ring does nothing.

Light Within the Ring. When wearing this ring (even when not attuned), one can cast the cantrip "Light" at will.

nb : Archmage Noruas is very fond of this "second ring", a creation that corrected the mistakes of the first ring he made, the overambitious project he called his "One Ring" which ended up becoming the "Cursed Ring of Power" that he tries to keep away from as much as possible. In contrast, he will try to keep close to him this second ring, and more often than not, wears it on his person.

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