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Weapon (dagger), One of a kind (requires attunement)

A black dagger, covered in runes. A wizard picks it up, and yet it can barely cut butter, but when the fighter picks it up, it can seemingly cut through the strongest of steel.

This weapon is NOT the Hestia Knife. Repeat after me. This magic weapon, is a 100% forged in the mind of the amazingly intelligent and incredibly handsome DragonLord37 and is not based on a weapon from any anime or light novel series. Got it? Good. Now that we got that out the way, the Hesti- Blade of Endless Strength is a dagger made by the First Arch Mage of the Arcadian Mage Guild, made of black silver, and it attunes to the physical strength of the user. The stronger the user, the sharper the blade becomes.

Base Damage. This weapons base damage is equal to the attuned creatures' Strength modifier + the attuned creatures' Dexterity modifier + the wielders Constitution modifier + the half of the attuned creatures' level or CR rounded down)/2 rounded down d4 piercing damage. So a level 5 fighter with a Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, will deal 4d4 piercing damage.

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