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Blackbark wine: The Elves of Sumtan make this wine, although mostly for export. The properties of this syrupy sweet wine are such as to make it illegal in Sumtanian cites. It is however favored, although often in a clandestine fashion, among the nobles and traders of many other nations.

It costs 35gp for a glass of this beverage or 100gp for a bottle. The bottles the Sumtanian elves use contain just over four glasses of wine and are designed with glass spouters that can reseal the bottle for later use. The wine is a very dark purple and uniquely among all of the wines Sumtan elves make, non-sparkling.

Drinking a glass of the wine forces a male creature to make a DC 18 Fortitude Save against poison or become totally infertile in 20 minutes. The effect lasts 8 weeks. If the subject is relaxed when they drink the wine they can fail automatically. Drinking another glass within 6 weeks causes the drinker to have to make a DC 14 fort save against poison or take 0 primary and 1d4 secondary con damage. It also causes brutal vomiting. Failing the primary save renders the drinker permanently infertile. This can be reversed with a restoration or regeneration spell (and does not prevent the usual effects of the spell taking place).

When using these rules then it is treated as a 55 PR.

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