Black Ray Rifle (5e Equipment)

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Black Ray Rifle

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Black Ray Rifle Rare 1d6 Lightning 20 lb. Ammunition (range 120/600), loading, special

Black Ray Rifles, otherwise know as Extinction Rays, are fairly insidious weapons designed to instantly kill humans and human like targets. They do this by firing electric pulses at extremely specific frequencies, which disrupt and stop the beating of hearts. Against nonhuman targets, or human targets that shrug off the worst of it's effect, it can still cause minor damage.

Special. Upon scoring a hit against a humanoid with a Black Ray Rifle, the target is forced to roll a DC 17 constitution saving throw. On a successful save, they take 1d6 lightning damage, which can't reduce them to below zero hit points. On a failed save, they are instantly reduced to zero hit points.

Gold Ray Rifles. An alternate setting available on some Black Ray Rifles, Gold Rays fire a different frequency of electricity, which can restart a stopped heart. Make a ranged attack against a dying target as normal, taking the unconscious condition into account. On a successful hit, the target is stabilized and gains 1 hit point.

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