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Sometimes, a character feels like they should get just one day off from their adventuring. But when? Then the answer comes. Of course! Let's celebrate a birthday!

Deciding a Birthday[edit]

If the player wants to, they can just make the character's birthday their own birthday. If they don't want to, they may roll 1z12 and choose a date of birth within the range of that particular zodiac symbol.

Birthday Party[edit]

The character can only celebrate a birthday if the following conditions are met:

  • They are not currently in a quest, adventure, or encounter.
  • The date of the party is set within a week of the character's birthday.
  • The character has at least three other party members and/or friends to celebrate with.

If the character can celebrate a birthday, then they are able to have an official birthday party. They receive the following:

  • Every character with whom the birthday character is celebrating with gives him/her a gift of money or equipment worth at least 6 gp (all artifacts, wondrous items, and siege equipment are treated as being worth over 6 gp unless otherwise stated).
  • The characters celebrate with cake and possibly ice cream. The celebrating characters are neither hungry nor fatigued during the party.
  • The birthday character gains +1 to all cha checks and saving throws against all creatures that are aware that it is the character's birthday.

Note that while the character cannot celebrate during a quest, adventure, or encounter, any of the three may begin during a birthday party.

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