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When a mortal is born within the elder scrolls universe, they will be given a birth sign depending on which of 13 constellations they are born under. The sign will provide the mortal with an additional slight buff.

Birth Signs[edit]


You gain a +5 bonus starting magicka, and apprentice spells do 1 die more damage.


You gain resistance to 2 damage types and weakness to 1 damage type.

The Lady[edit]

You gain a +1 to your charisma and constitution scores. You also take 1 less damage from physical attacks.

The Lord[edit]

When wearing heavy armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC and take 1d6 less damage from magic

The Lover[edit]

You gain a +1 bonus to AC and your Charisma Ability score when within 50 feet of a humanoid ally.

The Mage[edit]

Your mage skill trees level 10% faster

The Ritual[edit]

Undead you raise deal 1 die more damage, and undead deal 1 die less damage to you.

The Serpent[edit]

You gain a +1 bonus to your dexterity score and deal 2 die extra poison damage when using poisons.

The Shadow[edit]

You gain a +1 bonus to stealth rolls and have a +5 bonus to the stealth skill tree

The Steed[edit]

You can carry 20 pounds more and have a +5ft bonus to movement speed

The Thief[edit]

Your thief skill trees level 10% faster.

The Tower[edit]

Your character can be 10% taller and you deal 2 dies more damage to and take 1 die less damage from creatures who are at least one size category smaller than you.

The Warrior[edit]

Your warrior skill trees level 10% faster.

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