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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A shield and a sword
Home Plane: Originally Material plane, now Ysgard
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Defense and Dwarves
Clergy Alignments: Any non-evil, non-chaotic Dwarf
Domains: Defense, Law
Favored Weapon: A shield with spikes for bashing

|rank 9 deity

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More information...

Beruk the Stoic was once a mortal 51 fighter/10 Dwarven Defender who became a diety with the rest of the League of Immortal adventurers.


Defense of the innocet is particularily good for beruk's clergy, and running away from a battle is the worst shame of all.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

You must be at least speak dwarven for Beruk to recognise you. His temples are mainly found underground in large dwarven citadels.


League of adventurers

Salient Abilities[edit]

Alter Size BaneStrike(Humanoid(Goblin)) BaneStrike(Humanoid(Orc)) BaneStrike(Humanoid(Undead)) Battlesense Divine Armor Mastery Divine Battle Mastery Divine Shield Gift of Life Sunder and Disjoin

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