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Physical Description[edit]

Benedrakken Root in Bloom

Long bending interconnected rootwork with nub-like spikes that burrow into cave walls. During its peak, the plant's hand-sized outer roots will blossom with a golden yellow-tipped white flower. This flower contains a pink-to-purple center piece with two golden-yellow appendages.


Legends tell of Elementalist Elves led by a Human Guardian who went on a quest to recover a sample of the root to heal a Sapphire Dragon cursed by the Goblin King and to save the Guardian's Sister from his clutches.


Benedrakken only peaks and blooms when its outer roots come into direct contact with water, most often by creatures (such as Black Dragons) entering or exiting the caves it grows within. Many burrowing creatures feed off of its flowers and inadvertently carry its spores and seeds to other areas.

Growth and Harvest[edit]

Benedrakken Root grows naturally in wet, swampy caves not exposed to direct sunlight, and can be notoriously hard to nurture in captivity. Harvest of the plant requires special attention to the emotions one feels when gathering its outer roots (as the roots of the main body are useless outside drying for scrap/firewood but the outer blooming roots eventually do regrow). If gathered or used with a hateful or angry attitude the plant takes on acidic and directly venomous-to-the-touch properties. If gathered or used with an understanding or loving attitude the plant takes on a radiant and directly curing-to-the-touch properties. Sadly the plant doesn't take well to being broken down or mixed with other ingredients and if done will make whatever substance its mixed into become unstable and often inert for its intended purpose. However, alchemists have found that collecting a whole outer root, complete with bloom, and placing it inside a glass container prevents it from decay. They have also learned that injecting ingredients into it at the base of the outer root enables the Benedrakken Root to absorb their properties. (Essentially turning the Root into a Potion in and of itself)


Benedrakken is edible to most creatures, though those of Fey or Dragon Ancestry seem to experience its effects to a much higher degree than others.

Other Common Uses[edit]

Benedrakken Root is often used as part of Food related offerings to Dragons or Forest Spirits. Benedrakken Root can be consumed and will act as if a Lesser Restoration Spell as long as the provider and the consumer hold love and understanding at the front of their minds. (After 10 seconds the thoughts are no longer needed and the root loses all magical effects) Benedrakken Root can be consumed and will act as if a Lower-to-Greater Restoration Spell as long as the provider and the consumer hold love and understanding at the front of their minds and the Consumer is either of Fey or Draconic Ancestry. (After 10 seconds the thoughts are no longer needed and the root loses all magical effects)

Should benedrakken Root be consumed when one carries Hatred or Anger at the front of their minds than the root acts as if an unavoidable (because consumed) first level Acid Splash Spell inside the consumer. If the Consumer is of Fey or Draconic Ancestry than the effect is as a 5th level Acid Splash Spell

Relevant Products[edit]

No products in the realms of men are made from this Plant due to its emotional nature, however, Black Dragons tend to use it as a form of protective bramble inside their lairs and Fey Folk often work it into woodcrafts to test the hearts of Mortals.

Benedrakken Traits[edit]

Magical Roots that greatly affect those of Fey and Draconic Lineage, whose properties are based off emotions.
Swamp Region. Benedrakken is native only to Swamp Lands.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

0.5′ 6'' +1d6 inches 1 ounce lb. × (1d2 ounces) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Uses[edit]

By the DM as a Herb needed as part of a quest. (This can be a great way to introduce a Dragon, such as a Black Dragon, into low level campaigns. Simply have the root inside the outermost stretches of the lair for your Dragon. Makes for a very intense encounter, plus players with the Nature Skill really get to shine.)

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