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Belt of Potion Holding: This simple looking belt with strange red slots on the side can hold up to 10 potions. The magical power of this item activates when more than 4 healing potions are present in the belts. When the magical properties of this belt are activated it glows a dull red color and allows the wearer to draw a potion as a free action once per round. The secondary affect when 4-10 healing potions are present is that the belt "maximizes" all healing potions held in it. For example a cure light wounds potion, healing 1d8 + Caster Level would heal 8 + Caster Level; maximizing the effects. This ability lasts until the healing potion either has not resided in the belt for 1 hour or there are less than 4 healing potions present in the belt.

DM note

When I took out clerics in a campaign because of changes in the religion and cosmology I had to think of some way to add healing in the campaign and this was the best idea I came up with.

Moderate (DC 18) Conjuration;CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Maximize Spell, Ability to cast Cure Spells; Cost 15,000gp, 1,200 XP, 30 Days; Activation: See Text; Weight: See Text lb.; Market Price: 30,000gp

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