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M313 ELEPHANT HRV Behemoth Class TT[edit]

[[1]] Behemoth-class Transport Vehicle

Crew 3
Pass 12-16
Cargo 100,000lbs
Init. -4
Maneuver -4
Top Speed 30 (8)
Defense 10
Hardness 10
Hit Points 52
Size H
Purchase DC 30
Restriction Mil +3

M313 ELEPHANT HRV Behemoth Class TT[edit]

The Elephant is a mobile command base and repair vehicle. It can hold as many soldiers as you want to ride in it. It is armed with a forward M41 LAAG on the top right and a AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun on the mid left. It is a three-story vehicle with the bottom story, which opens out into the rear cargo tray, the second story, a walkway around the cargo ramp and leads onto the driver's cabin; then a small, elevated third story where the M41 LAAG is assembled. It features a crane, numerous firing ports and elevated positions for defending it. It has four tracks set up on each side of the chassis. Its chassis is as high as it is are wide, providing stability. Its maximum top speed is 2.4 miles per hour. Mobile Assault, Support and Recovery Platform. It has the ability to lock itself down to effectively deploy troops. It can train troops much like how a barracks building works, taking resources to train each unit. It cannot upgrade units. It only becomes this mobile barrack when locked down. It takes 1 round to lock down.

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