Bearer of Strength (5e Feat)

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Bearer of Strength

Prerequisites: Strength 19 or higher
The gods smile at you, and consider you the bearer of strength, you gain unusual strength to handle your weapons.

You can wield a melee weapon that has the Two-Handed property with one hand instead.

You cannot dual wield two-handed weapons but you can wield a two-handed weapon in your dominant hand while wielding a one-handed melee weapon in your offhand (i.e Greataxe and Shortsword combination or Greataxe and Longsword should you choose to take the Dual Wielder feat as well).

You can use a shield while holding a two-handed weapon in one hand. You are not at a disadvantage in melee attack moves made with your two-handed weapon while also holding a shield, even though it is quite difficult to maneuver such a large weapon.

Due to your immense grip strength, you have advantage on strength based rolls to maintain possession of your weapons against disarming effects and you gain a climbing speed equal to half your base movement speed.

You now count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight that you can push, drag, or lift.

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