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Basic Focus Magus (Magus Archetype)[edit]

Beginning Focus - The Magus must take one positive and one negative trait.


Active Mage: The magus keeps an active role in addition to studying. Gain a +2 starting bonus to strength, dexterity or constitution.

Late Night Mage: The magus burns the midnight oil. Prepare +4 starting Cantrip spells per day.

Future Sighted Mage: The magus looses sight of the past for the future. Gain either +2 0th and +1 1st level spells per day or loose one 0th level spell and gain +2 1st level spells per day.


A Dirty Mind: The magus focuses more on studying than cleanliness. Gain a -2 to charisma.

A Popped Vessel: The magus over studied and has constant migraines. Gain a -1 to intelligence and gain a -1 to wisdom.

A Stained Spellbook: The magus was careless and stained their spellbook. Loose knowledge of two 0th level spells and one 1st level spell.

A Scholar Not a Fighter - The magus looses the class ability Fighter Training.

Instead, the magus gains A Scholar Studies Ahead and A Scholar Stays Prepared.

A Scholar Studies Ahead: The magus may learn one 1st level spell (counting in the spellbook as a 1st level spell) and cast it as though it were a 0th level spell.

A Scholar Stays Prepared: The magus may enchant their weapon (this counts for anything the magus uses as a weapon, except that a gauntlet or other such equipment must be used for unarmed strikes) with this specific 1st level spell and only this spell. This removes the magus' ability to add any weapon properties to a weapon (though not enhancement bonuses). This lasts for the magus' level rounds. The spell must be applicable in combat (i.e. cause direct HP damage) and is treated as a melee touch attack (even if the spell was ranged, treat it as a melee touch attack against only the struck foe). The spell occurs using the same attack bonus and roll as the weapon but may hit even if the weapon attack misses (as if a strike skittered off armor, but the imbued spell still got through). The spell damage is rolled concurrently with the melee damage but is not subject to criticals or sneak attack damage. The spell is imbued into the weapon as if an enchantment and occurs each time the weapon strikes. The weapon must be masterwork else it takes 1 HP in damage each round the spell is imbued. The magus can end the enchantment as a swift action. Enchanting a weapon takes the same time casting the spell normally would.

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