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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A fiendish face with four golden horns on a white bat's wing
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: formerly evil creatures, those seeking redemption
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Celestial, Purification, Renewal
Favored Weapon:

The Redeemed, the Angelfiend, Lord of Redemption

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Balthazar was born an Archfiend. He has since risen above his fiendish ancestory and become an inspiration to others. As the first and only Archfiend to redeem themselves, especially without ever having known the glory of the upper planes, his achievement was seen as proof that anyone can be redeemed from evil. Thus those seeking to emulate him began to worship him. When he learned of this, unlike other Celestial Pargons who try to direct those mortals who worship them to true gods, he feared that to rebuff them would drive them back to evil. Instead he sought to help them on their path to redemption however he could, thus his followers grew in number and soon had elevated him to the status of a god himself. His familiarity with the techniques used by fiends to corrupt has also helped him to better redeem.

His appearance remains decidedly fiendish, to remind himself of where he came from. He has both scarlet skin and darker scales of blood-red crimson visable on the backs of his hands and edges of his face. From his head sprout a crown of four golden horns, two ox-like horns across the top of his and two that begin on his forehead and then curve round like a rams, encircling his ox-like horns and then ending with the points framing his face. Balthazar also has wings as well, six of them infact. These are not the typical featered wings of a celestial, but membranous bat wings like a fiend, yet in color they gleam as white and pure as the plummage of any celestial. This feature combine with is nine-foot height to create a fearsome, if deceptive image, though it does also provide some clues as to his true nature in the lustrous hue of his wings and the and radiant golden horns. Balthazar is always garbed in the latest fashion among the nobility.


Balthazar fosters a sense of caring among his clerics, and instructs them in ways to minister to those souls that other faiths deem lost. None who come to a worshipper of the Lord of Redemption seeking to make a better person of themselves are to be turned away. His highest decree is to foster goodness, both in yourself and in others. His teaching offer several techniques by which this can be acheived, but the method is less important than the result and innovation is encouraged.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most temples to Balthazar are modest affairs, set up by missionaries in communities prone to great evil, where they are close to many souls in need of saving. However, a few grander structures exist. These are decorated with murals depicting Balthazar’s assent from the lower to upper planes and rise to god-hood. Most clerics and other followers of Balthazar were once evil, and often come from races that are typically feared by others. The priesthood of the Angelfiend wear robes of light blue.


All other good deities respect him for the fact that he can reach souls that they cannot and lead them to redemption. While they devote themselves to destroying evil and preventing its spread, only he has been able to make significant headway in reverting evil into goodness. Conversely as all evil gods have lost followers and all archfiends have lost souls to Balthazar’s redemptive efforts, this has earned him an equal number of enemies. So far however, his most heated conflicts have been with those Archfiends who knew him before his redemption.

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