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Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Knowledge, Nature
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity


According to ancient tomes, the divine entity of Azerand used to be no more than a collection of ideas and thoughts on the laws of nature of a greater deity. As that greater power poured more and more energy and time into these ideas, these thoughts became more powerful themselves until they eventually became a sepparate entity of its own.


As a being with no personal agenda, motivation or interests, other than to govern and maintain the purest laws of nature, Azerand does not concern himself with the "trivial" matters of the creatures that occupy the planes.

He spends his time meditating and theorizing on the very fabrics that hold the realms together. When he unravels a thread of this fabric, he does everything in his power to firmly keep it secured, as he is firmly convinced that the laws of nature are perfect in every way.

Azerand can be considered the guardian of natural law and order, and he will seldom interfere. He is sensitive, however, to magical or cosmic beings tampering with the forces of nature he considers to be sacred, such as gravity, the winds, seasons and the tides.

The one weakness in his vast knowledge is the concept of time, which he finds elusive and uncomprehensible. He has spent centuries since his conception trying to get a grasp on the concept, and it is the one immovable law of nature he finds frustrating, although he respects it just as much as any other power.


Azerand resides in the the Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia, in a vast marble tower that has no windows, doors or entrances. Inside, there are thousands of divine and magical instruments, tomes and portals, through which he keeps a vigilant eye on the inner machinations of the different planes.

He has little to no concern for the squabbles of the different deities and planes and thus he pays little to no attention to them. Many entities have tried to consult him on the inner workings of their plane, but he has only once answered a question, which has been lost in time (along with its answer).


Azerand is seldom, if ever, worshipped on his own. He only appears in the rituals of the oldest clerical orders of the material plane and even then only as one of the many minor gods who hold the world together.

In the rare occasions where he is mentioned by name or visualized, he is a cloaked humanoid figure with his arms spread and a bright light emitting from his eyes, or simply by his symbol: an upside down capital Q.

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