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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Death, Tempest
Divine Rank. Greater Deity


Azathoth is an omniscient and omnipotent being known as the greatest of the Outer Gods. Words cannot define what Azathoth is because Azathoth is one without defining form. As one who can transcend time and space and warp reality, Azathoth's shape and size are never consistent, with some depictions being 20 feet tall, and others being over that. It is said Azathoth can encompass whole galaxies and stars with their many maws, and watch anything anywhere with their many eyes that spot their skin that stretches as far as the universe expands. Anything which came as a result of the stars, be it meteors or comets are usually signs from the great Outer god, perhaps hinting at their return from exile. To the Elder Gods, Azathoth is called "The Blind Idiot God" because of how they were exiled for the rebellion they incited.


When Azathoth first dreamed, the first of the Great Old Ones were born, as well as other Outer Gods, all under Azathoth's control. They were Azathoth's children and chess pieces in the great upheaval of the intergalactic fabric of space that would be a war with the Elder Gods. Among his brood include powerful beings like Cthulhu. After the war, Azathoth was banished to the far reaches of time and space, whilst his hideous children escaped and populated elsewhere in the universe. The Great Old Ones settled onto planets which were still young in creation and made life forms to spread among the native species. They erected great temples and tunnels as hideaways and receptors of dream-like messages from the drifting Azathoth in exile. Through the years, the Great Old Ones grew weary from wounds the Elders had given them, and fell into a deep slumber, sinking into the cores of their host planets and taking their followers with them.

They dreamed as well, in their deep slumber. Through their channels of dreams, Azathoth came to be able to access the minds of all inhabitants of their worlds. With these dreams and their ancient channels left in the crusts of the planets, new waves of followers, furtive in faith initially, grew in numbers and came to commit horrible deeds in the names of the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones. It is their fervent belief Azathoth will return from exile ... and the rest will be horrible history.


As a master of time, space, reality, and dreams, those who believe in Azathoth are capable of horrible things. To them, there is no right or wrong, there is only the will of the gnawing of Azathoth and the eventual assimilation into one with the great mind. They are apt to create monstrous statues of Azathoth, as well as human sacrifices and similar gruesome rituals. Those who draw upon Azathoth's endless and vast power as his followers are able to use spells like dream or fear. Many could influence the minds of others with cursed enchantments like crown of madness or phantasmal force. Advanced clerics could even cast spells like time stop or destructive wave.


Azathoth is surrounded by a variety of stories about the many things which surround the lair of the great Outer God in the swirls of nebulous chaos. Azathoth is supposedly held at bay in their current holdings of Infinity, which is located in the center of a great dark abyss in space that can swallow anything. What sustains this abyss is a magic demonic flute which is played constantly by a nameless creature that is Azathoth's temporary warden. Those who get a hold of this flute can very well release the ancient god from his exile early and start a great cross-spatial massacre.
In addition to the flute, Azathoth is said to have a famous book in which followers can sign on to. Within its ancient pages are the names of all who ever swore fealty to Azathoth. This book is protected and carried by Nyarlathotep, who is Azathoth's son, and also an Outer God. Nyarlathotep beckons people and entices them using his many faces and avatars into signing away their lives to serve the throne of Azathoth in chaos.
Lastly, there are many things that fall from space that can sometimes be attributed to Azathoth's roiling and gnawing from exile. As "Lord of All Things," Azathoth can create on a whim or out of a dream, and many of these things may find themselves in the world in many forms. The starlight staff, for example, is made out of material unlike any metal of the realm and is as hard as adamantium. It induces madness and terror in those who do not take care in its use and can still ultimately lead others to ruin, as it is an unpredictable alien tool.

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