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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Death, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Az-eal was an Abyssal Tiefling Paladin in life, working as a sword for hire for a necromancer. He was hired to do the normal henchmen jobs, fetching things, repelling intruders, handling the test subjects and eventually becoming one against his will. He had little care for his bosses work and thought it was idiotic. His boss was attempting to not only become a lich, but to use magic to become ascend to godhood. And he decided to test the magic he was going to use to become a lich, on the only living being he had on hand, Az-eal. When Az-eal was sleeping, his boss had restrained him and performed the ritual on him, and instead of turning him into a lich his Abyssal bloods natural magic energy has caused a reaction turning him into a greater demon. From there he went and killed his boss and slowly started to kill his way up the demon higharchy, gaining new powers of death, to the point where he even rivaled the gods. The gods, seeing the threat that he had become made him a lesser god. When he joined the godhood he had decided to help undo the damage he had done, as a way to make up for the amount of blood he shed.

He currently resides hidden amongst mortals in an attempt to fix all the damage he has done, whether its good or bad.

It is unknown what he currently looks like, but is rumored to be either a tiefling or a dragonborn wanderer.

He has spent little time with other dieties, but has had some contact with them, albeit not much to form bonds or rivalries.

He is worshiped by the uncommon races mostly, Tieflings, Dragonborns, gnomes, ect.

Clerics who worship him often wear Dark padded robes and carry concealed bladed weapons such as scythes and daggers.

The arms of Az-eal still exist although their whereabouts unknown they are believe to be a set platemail, a helmet, a shield, a Longsword, and a Short sword. all of which infused with his powers.

Spells of Necromancy and war are under his domain

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