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Mutants/ Augmennteded are creatures and humanoids whose body is changed and shaped by magic. you can extend the physical properties of your limbs by changing your hand into a crab claw or tentacles. or grow more limbs like spider legs out of your back or tentacles. must have a con of 13 to multi-class in or out of this class

Augmented quirks[edit]

when choosing this class you gain some quirks that show when out of your mutation. you gain 1d4 +1 of these quirks (this is a max)

  1. you are always cold to the touch
  2. when you are asleep you do not seem to be breathing, though u need to breathe still
  3. you barely bleed even when you are badly injured
  4. your heart beats once per minute
  5. you have deathly pail skin and have dark rings under your eye
  6. you gain shock white hair that gets worse the more your mutation is activated

Mutation info:[edit]

as a bonus action you can take a min of 1 damage and activate a mutation. this mutation will do extra damage equal to half of your mutation damage (rounded down) after taking damage you must make a wis save (ac = damage taken - con mod) if you fail this check another mutation activates and you take your mutation damage dice. if you run out of mutation to activate you go into the maddend mutant affect. if you take a attack action on your turn you can activate a mutation as part of the action. you still take the min 1 point of mutation damage and half of your mutation damage.

Mad Mutant[edit]

as long as your not wearing heavy armor you gain the following effects:

  • you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing.
  • you role the damage from your attacks twice and take the higher of the two (per attack )
  • creatures making reaction attacks on you have a disadvantage
  • if you are reduced to zero HP you go back to one but suffer 4 points of exhaustion. but all 4 points will go away after a long rest rest

1- disadvantage of ability checks 2- speed halved 3- disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws 4- Hp max is halved

Hit Points:[edit]

Hit dice: 1d10 per AUGMENTED level Hit dice at first level: 10 + constitution modifier


your thick mutated skin makes you harder to kill, your AC is 10+con mod + dex mod

Proficiency bonus:[edit]

Armor: light armor Weapons: martial weapons, simple weapons Tools: none Saving throw: constitution, wisdom Skills: choose two skills from Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, stealth, survival, deception. saving throw: 10+con+proficiency bonus

level prof bonus ability mutation damage
1 +2 mutated fighting/mutation(1)/ mutation damage(d6)/mutation points(1)
2 +2 class feature
3 +2 mutation points
4 +2 ability score inprovement
5 +3 speed +5/extra attack(1)
6 +3 mutation damage(2d6)
7 +3 mutations(2)/mutation points(3)/feral fighter
8 +3 class feature/mutated fighting
9 +4 extra attack (2)
10 +4 ability score inprovement
11 +4 mutation damage (3d6)
12 +4 extra attack(3)
13 +5 mutations(3)/mutaion poits
14 +5 ability score inprovement/ class feature/mutated fighting
15 +5 mutation damage(4d6)
16 +5 feral feature
17 +6 mutations(4)/mutation point(5)
18 +6 ablility score inprovement/mutation damage (5d6)
19 +6 mutation points (6)
20 +6 class feature

Class features:[edit]

LEVEL 2: you gain resistance to all ranged weapon attacks. This does not include attacks like spells. If a physical ranged weapon attack is made you are resistant to the piercing damage but not the magical damage that is added to the attack.

LEVEL 8: you gain the fast fighter feature. Once per long rest you can add another attack onto your attack action. At the 14th level, you gain a second attack when you use this feature. And you can do it two times per long rest. You can not use a mutation point to do another attack after this one. And you can use this as a bonus action if you did not take the attack action on your turn. (it does not cost a bonus action to do if you did use your action as an attack action.)

LEVEL 14: you gain savage mind feature: when you are mutated you gain advantage on charm and command like spells all spells that involve your mental state you gain advantage on

LEVEL 20: at level 20 you gain the never-ending mutant feat at the end of your turn you gain back 5 plus your con modifier

Mutated fighting:[edit]

At the 2nd level, You gain a fighting ability that you will only get to use when mutated. You gain 2 more ones at the 8th level and 14th level. You can not take the same one again.

  • Defence: as a bonus action or reaction you can take a defensive stance increasing your AC by 2
  • Maximum damage. When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2.
  • Unarmed Fighting. Your unarmed strikes can deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier on a hit. If you aren't wielding any weapons or a shield when you make the attack roll, the d6 becomes a d8.


While you level up you will gain mutation points; these are dice you can add, though they are limited. You can use a mutation point to temporarily mutate a small part of you to gain an advantage in the area, you can also burn a mutation point while you're not mutated. Mutation points can be added to:

  • Add 1 mutation die to damage (once per turn) (reactions are separate turns)
  • Heal one mutation point die permutation point you use
  • Add your mutation point die to anything you are proficient with
  • add one mutation point die to any strength or constitution checks

You regain all mutation points after a long rest, you gain 1 with a short rest. The number of mutation points is determined on your augmented LVL table. Your mutation point dice starts as a d4 and every time u gain another mutation point your dice goes up to a max of a d12.


To mutate u must take a minimum of 1 damage; this can be self-inflicted damage you just have to take a minimum of 1 damage. As well as your mutation damage if your mutation is caused on purpose u lose 1 of the mutation dice u remove that before u roll. This does not take effect until your mutation damage is a (2d6) or more. You choose one of the mutations of the list but you can not change it. You must gain more mutations to have other mutations other than the other one you started with.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: ( +5 strength when using this limb max of 20) When u mutate this limb its size can only go up u can not shrink your size. This limb adds a d4 to the damage done with this limb. Your speed increases your climbing and moving speed by 10 feet. the dice added increases to a d6 at 8th LVL a d8 at 15th LVL and a d10 at 20th level.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: as a bonus action you can take another attack, doing normal damage.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: your AC is increasing by 2 but you take a -5 to dex roles and you take -5 feet of movement

A part of you is AUGMENTED: one creature you hit with the mutation has to make a strength saving throw or be pushed 10 feet back. Once per turn

A part of you is AUGMENTED: you either gain a fly speed of +5 of your movement speed. Or you gain a climbing speed of +5 of your movement speed. you can also use a bonus action to attack every creature within 5 feet of you every creature takes d12 bludgeoning damage. Everyone affected has to roll a dex save if passed damage is halved. If failed they take full damage and are knocked prone. (strength plus proficiency bonus) to hit (plus strength to damage)

A part of you is AUGMENTED: your gain resistance in 1 damage type of your choice this resistance only happens when you are mutated. You can change this resistance every time you activate the mutation.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: ruff terrain does not affect you, you are resistant to bludgeoning damage that is from falling. You gain a +5 to your movement speed while mutated, and while mutated you have a plus 5 to sneak.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: gain another D4 that does one type of damage of your choice you choose this right after mutating. You add this to each attack roll.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: using a bonus action you can run and leap launching yourself (d10+ strength mod+ prof bonus) this is a max jump distance you do not have to jump the whole distance, if you land on a creature they must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. this bonus action does d4 bludgeoning damage plus strength. if creatures are immune to prone or are a size bigger than the medium you latch onto the creature instead of nocking prone. the creature can make a contested strength save to break out.

A part of you is AUGMENTED: you crit on 19s and 20 and gain 60 feet of dark vision, and it is dim light

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