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Lesser Deity
Symbol: None
Home Plane: None
Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Nihilism
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Uncertainty
Favored Weapon: Any


A young Vashnir, named Atheismo, had actually managed to put aside his chaotic nature and gain control of an entire empire, using his impressive oratory skills and dashing persuasion. He had outlawed any sort of religion and anything that encouraged the worship of an god, Deity, Primordial or Otherwise. He then, like all evil things, became extremely corrupt and abandoned all of his values, whether they were good or bad, to increase his power. He had told his people that it was he who gave the farmers a good year of crops, but that his enemies (the Gods) were the ones who were giving them all their bad years. "Your wife died? Those divine bastards!" or "When there is sunshine, happiness, good crops, the Great Atheismo is looking out for you, each individual one of you. But those pesky gods are so jealous of the Mortals that they punish you every way possible. They cause the famines, they cause the sickness, they make us experience war, they our the ones who make it rain just when you need it to not rain, and stop raining when you want it." However, some of his more conservative memebers had asked him if he maybe the gods do this to punish the people, to which he replied that "These things happened before any 'crime against the gods' was committed."

However, eventually Atheismo was taken down by a group of Aasimar Paladins, not only for his egregious irreligiousness, but also because of the way he treated his people, which was very different from the propaganda. They had offered him redemption, but Atheismo replied that his soul would be destroyed by his own strong beliefs either way, and then spat in the face of these paladins.

Now, Atheismo is arguably one of the most innovated divine spellcaster, because it was he who came up with the idea of "secular clerics" i.e. the idea of getting Divine Energy not from a god, but from an idea. He is also credited with being the main influence of the Athars, but almost all Athars abhor the terrible actions of Atheismo. However, this opinion has obviously upset the religious who viewed the irreligious as being blasphemers and heretics, so some strife was created between these two groups of people.

Some of the Radical Irreligious had become intolerant and vicious, claiming that they were persecuted and hated, now openly declared that anyone who follows doesn't follow a goal, and worships a sentient being instead must have a mental deficiency. The Reasonable Religious had refuted these radicals, but felt sympathetic towards them, as the Irreligious were given a bad rep for having a different viewpoint. However, the Radical Religious had looked at them as even worse heretics, and damned them to a fate most terrible. Now, the Reasonable Religious, who did not care if someone was religious or not, were very distressed about the Radical Irreligious, claiming that they had made it harder for them to defend the Irreligious. (The Reasonable Religious were also criticized by the Reasonable Irreligous, because they largely ignored the genuine discrimination of the Irreligious.)

Some of the Reasonable Religious had actually poked fun at the Radical Irreligious, many them going back to the original Cults of Personalities, and many going to the fact that many of these Radicals had actually made a religion, with a quasi dogma and real values. They also commented that some of these Radicals were intelligent people, and as intelligent people, would soon recognize that a sentient being is a lot easier to communicate to than an ideology.

Thus, many satirical books were published by a group of Reasonable Religious were they went back to the original man of the Secular. Many Athars looked at the book as a bit of work, but commented that these authors were as big insufferable, snobby gits as the Radical Irreligious, some even felt that it was attackign Irreligion as a whole, and while there was some controversy over Atheismo, most were glad that it only included his views on Religion, not some of the more evil things he did. The less intelligent religious misunderstood it, and some even burned it, because they believed it was attacking the Religion as a whole. The books had an interesting effect on the Radicals it was satirizing, most took it as an insult, but realized some of their own irony, and calmed down. Others looked at it with such hatred, a sign of the persecution they feel, and they too burned the book. Particularly stupid Irreligious took them for holy books, and now have an actual deity to represent their anti-deism. These people are called the Atheismoist, and are avoided and shunned by almost everyone else, although there has been the start of tolerance for their religion.


The Atheismoists believe that Atheismo is, himself an overdeity, although he is just a Lesser Deity, and they also believe he should be the only god to exist. Thus, the other gods hate him, because this means that the Atheismoists preach Death of Gods, and this negatively impacts him. Many will assume that he aligns himself with the primordials, but this could not be wronger. He hates the Primordials, for he himself is a Deity, and he hates gods with all his heart, thus he hates primordials even more than he hates the Deities.

Some Vashnir will worship Atheismo, but this is just so they can use him to kill other gods, they will kill him last.

Many pity Atheismo, for he hates himself, because he hates the fact that he is a god, for he not only hated them in life, but now his entire point of existience is to hate them. He also hates the fact he was awoken from his nihilistic fate, which means not only is the dogma he preaches and spent all of his life using wrong, by that he now cannot even get the satifaction of denying the gods his soul, because now a god has his soul (himself).


Atheismo preaches that, in order to secure Freedom of Religion, all need to worship his name. Atheismoists are also encouraged to find scientific reasons for why things happen, although they will usually use it to prove the awesomeness of their Deity. Atheismo preaches that the punishment for those who do not follow his rules will be the annihalition of the self. Atheismo also rules that those who follow his example will recieve the joyousness of freeing oneself from oneself. It is written, by many Atheismoists, that the other gods are fake, and must be destroyed through and experience the Death of Gods.

Some of the core tenements of Atheismoism is the belief that one can never be wrong, as long as one is sure they are right. This means no matter how silly a belief is, such as joining an organized religion designed for the sole purpose of anti religion, that it still is correct, if enough people believe it to be true. Another core tenement is that non-Atheismoists are ignorant, and the best way to sho them the light is to attack their intellect, and call them names, and then they will understand the error of their ways, and join the mature, tolerant religion of Atheismoism.

However, many Atheismoists recieve an inkling of the irony they are expressing and state before going to battle "For the Great Atheismo, God of Irreligion, may we forever never worship his name." Others ask Atheismo for help in a rather peculiar way, asking for help, as long as he really exists and is not to busy.

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