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Assassin's Disjunction [[[Combat]]][edit]

You can strike at the point where life energy and body are conjoined.
Prerequisite: Sneak Attack 9d6, Hide 10 Ranks, Move Silently 10 Ranks, Sleight of Hand 10 Ranks, BAB +6, DEX 18
Benefit: As long as your target does not consider you as an immediate threat for at least 3 rounds, you may initiate a Disjunction on the target as a Full Round Action. Disjunction can be only done with a fine or small-sized piercing weapon in melee range. Once you initiate a Disjunction you must make a sleight of hand check that is contested by the Spot check of everyone who's actively observing you or your target, you get a +10 if you are using a small weapon and a +15 if you are using a fine weapon for this check. If you stay unnoticed you can decide to take 10 on your attack and the target is considered flat-footed. Every creature that is actively observing you or your target (including the target) can make an Intelligence check (DC 15+your DEX mod) to realize that your target is under attack. If your target stays unaware, she takes 50 CON ability damage (Fort save negate DC 20 + Half your HD + DEX mod).

If the target is alerted then you no longer deal CON damage but your attack is considered an automatic critical threat that automatically confirms if you manage to hit, the attack deals maximum double sneak attack damage. Creatures with more than 50 CON or are immune to ability damage instead take three times your maximum sneak attack damage and your weapon damage. If a creature dies because of the CON damage it stands still as if paralyzed for 6 seconds before their corpse falls limp. It is not possible to detect that the target is dead within these 6 seconds.

It requires a DC 30 Heal check on the corpse to deduce that the small wound is the cause of death. The Sneak Attack damage inflicted by a Disjunction causes your target to start bleeding profusely, their muscles to contract and their skin to burst open in various places. If a creature negates the CON damage and has more hitpoints than the sneak attack damage you might deal, then the target only takes 1 point of nonlethal damage and your Disjunction attempt backfires, you take 3 STR DEX CON and INT ability damage and you are fatigued for a day.
Normal: You cannot separate the life energy from a creature without depleting it first.
Special: This ability can still be used even if the target is immune to precision damage. Creatures that are immune to precision damage instead take force damage however creatures that are immune to CON, Precision and Force damage are immune to Disjunction aswell. This ability cannot be used if your weapon cannot possibly damage the target, or the power source of your target is not within its body.

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