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Fine arts[edit]

Altough you are inside an immaginary world your players might be wanting to have a way to express their character feelings through art, or even doing it for necessity. Here i will be considering the Paiting/Sculpture sense of the art, I believe that Bards had it cover with the musical/dance/theatrical part of the art.

Your player needs to make three consecutive checks in a row so that they can achieve what they are trying to do, Your player will be needing a Painter's kit/ Sculptor's kit, if there aren't any on the wiki, take into consideration how hard it would be to find paint, and the materials required for sculpting in your world. Remember that they can always try again, if it isn't up to their taste, they just need more material, and time. And the patrons that requile a exquisite work have both the money for materials and the patience for receiving a work of art.

The checks are as follows :[edit]

  1. Charisma: Performance
  2. Dexterity: Sleight-of-Hand
  3. Wisdom : Perception
  Add up the results of every roll, and reveal the results to your player.

DC : =<15 - Not even fit to be called a work-piece, no one can call it art, although you put your heart and soul in the manufacturing of it, you feel ashamed to bring it to this world.

DC : =<20 - A struggling art-piece, the blunt mistakes almost bring a gentle charm to it, some people might consider buying it, but not for much money. 5cp ~ 15cp

DC : =<25 - An average art-work, not impressive by any means, but it does bring you pride. People are somewhat interested in your ways of art, but not too much, to only pay heed to you. 2sp ~ 1gp

DC : =<30 - Your work seems to attract more glances than many other artists around you, you didn't see it before, but you truly did an art-work. The beauty is blooming and the patrons are taking interest. 2gp ~ 10gp

DC: =<40 - The name of your artwork is on the mind of people that see it, and the visage of it makes them feel happy with themselves, every detail has a meaning and your name is being traveled throughout cities now. 15gp ~ 30gp

DC: =<59 - An art-work never seen before. It inspires the people that see it, be it joy, sadness, or fear. Your artwork is thought provoking, you see people often staring at it, any other art-work near yours, gets immediately outshined. People would pay a lot of money for this. 35gp ~ 50gp

DC: 60+ - A true Work-of-Art, There no mistakes, every detail has been added, everybody has at least heard the name of your art. There are thousands of meaning in your art, and all of them are true, however only you truly knows what it means. Kings and Queens, utter your name when thinking of an artist for a portrait, anyone would be foolish to pay you less than your art-work is deserved. 60gp +


The DM should take into consideration the size of the artwork, for smaller ones, a day should suffice, for a medium to big size art-works, it should take a Week or more worth of work.

Large ones should take up to a month, and huge ones such as the ones at Sistine chapel's walls, could take anywhere from a month to a year.

Remember to up their pay based on the size of the art-work as well.

=Small x0.5 =Medium x1 =Large x2 =Huge x4

Additional Rules[edit]

  • Portraits need to be made in-front of the person, or the #Perception check, should be made at disadvantage.
  • The player can have mercy rolls, like a single advantage for Large and two for Huge art-works. (Taken into consideration because of the time that it takes)
  • Finding someone to buy it may be just as hard as making the artwork. Keep that in mind.
 Remember as the dm, you may increase, or lower the DC however you wish, the same goes for the money that the player receive.

This "table" is aimed at low-medium level pc's 5~10, after this levels, they can find work that pays better than this, probably.

If there are any misspellings please fix them, i will be very thankfull for it.

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