Artificery Adorer (5e Feat)

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Artificery Adorer

Prerequisites: Intelligence 15 or higher
You have studied the ways of the artificer, and you have managed to learn some of their skills.

  • When you would attune to an uncommon or rare magic item, you can instead designate that item as secondarily attuned. Only one item can be secondarily attuned at a time. Any attempt to secondarily attune to a second item fails; the creature must end its secondary attunement to an item first. While secondarily attuned to an item that requires attunement, a creature gains only its nonmagical benefits, unless its description states otherwise. As a bonus action, you can instantly attune to a secondarily attuned item. If this would increase the number of magic items you are attuned to above your limit, you can first end attunement with a currently attuned item that is not cursed as part of the same bonus action.
  • You gain proficiency with tinker's tools and smith's tools.

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