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Armored Brawler (Brawler Archetype)[edit]

Written from the Rite Publishing alternate brawler archetype. This archetype can simultaneously used with any other Brawler Rite Publishing archetype.

Proficiency: The Armored Brawler loses her weapon proficiency for the hand-axe, short sword, and close fighter weapon group.

A Strong Armored Dancer: An Armored Brawler may use her Strength modifier instead of her Dexterity modifier in place of AC and Reflex Saves while wearing medium or heavy armor. Every 10 lbs. of weight of the armor (always rounded down) adds a +1 to the max "Strength" bonus to AC (to a maximum of half her max light load carrying capacity, and reduced by 1 (to a minimum of +0) for every 5 lbs. (rounded up) above half the max light load capacity). Additionally, the armor check penalty is reduced by half her Strength modifier (rounded down) and the arcane check penalty is doubled. This replaces the Maneuver Training.

A Stronger Armored Dancer: An Armored Brawler may wear armor of any type or use any shield while retaining the benefit of such things as the Fast Movement of a Monk or a Brawler's AC Bonus. This replaces Knockout Blow.

Welded to a Shield: An Armored Brawler gains a proficiency for all shield types. When worn, an arm with a shield is considered to be "unarmed" for the purposes of using an item, catching/holding an item, or casting a spell and the shield gains the all the bonus' of Brawler's Strike. All negative effects of a shield (max dexterity bonus (+infinite), armor check penalty (-0), and arcane spell chance failure (0%)) are removed. An Armored Brawler gains Weapons Training (but not Advanced Weapons Training) solely for shields as if a Fighter of the Armored Brawler's level. Shields perform damage like an unarmed strike, but gain any additional bonuses from the shield (like a weapon enhancement or spikes). All Welded to a Shield bonuses are all lost if she holds another weapon in the same hand as the shield. This replaces the Close Weapon Mastery.

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