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Armor of the Artificer Level 1+ Rare
This armor was designed by Hammer the Warforged Artificer just before parting ways with his favorite group of flesh covered adventurers. They became reliant on his powers, so he designed a special suit of armor that might keep them from harm as they roam across the world looking for adventure. The armor allows the wearer to heal his/her friends and grant them the power to strike better and harder.
Level 1 +1 680 gp Level 16 +4 85000 gp
Level 6 +2 3400 gp Level 21 +5 425000 gp
Level 11 +3 17000 gp Level 26 +6 2125000 gp

Armor: Any
Enhancement: AC
♦ You gain an Item Enhancement bonus equal to the armors enhancement bonus to Arcana checks.
Power ♦ Encounter (Minor Action)
Healing Infusion - You or one ally in a close burst 5 regains 17 hit points + the enhancement bonus.
Power ♦ Daily (Free Action)
Arcane Empowerment - One weapon touched by you becomes infused with energy that lasts until the end of your next extended rest. The weapon gains a +2 enhancement bonus to its attack and damage rolls, this is on top of any other enhancement bonuses it already has.

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