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Armor of Healing Fire: This armor allow the wearer to create a burst of fire that hurts enemies and heals allies at the same time.

2 times per day a divine caster can cast a healing flame burst centered on himself. The white healing flames are activated as a standard action by the wearer. This healing flames functions much like a fireball except as follows... It does 1d6 damage per 2 caster levels, and it heals allies within the blast radius for the same amount. The damage and health is derived from the same dice roll. The healing flame burst is treated as a 3rd level spell just like a fireball and has the same attributes and saves unless stated otherwise.

Reflex saves for 1/2 damage still apply to enemies. Allies are healed for half of the total damage rolled.

Because the burst goes out around the caster he is NOT subject to any healing or damage effects from this spell.

Both enemies and allies must be within the 15 ft radius for the healing burst to function, otherwise the spell has no effect and one daily use is wasted. This is because the life force of the enemy is channeled to your allies through the magical white flames. Without both enemies and allies present the white flames will not burn.

CL 16; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: +3 bonus

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