Arffur The Greatest Farmer Knight (5e Deity)

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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Life, Nature
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

The god known as Arffur started with a very humble beginning, he was born into a farming family and grew up living a humble life learning the ways of the land. Although it would have been quite a normal life for others, Arffur seemed to attract many strange creatures which lead to bizarre events. For example he once encountered a troll on his land, which he defeated by throwing stones at it before the troll turned and gave chase, he lured it to the bridge near his family's land and taught the troll the wonders of "bridge troll toll", seemingly happy with hits new found purpose the troll lived a long a profitable life and Arffur's family never had any trouble call again.

Although that was small event in the life of many larger and more wondrous scenarios. These ranged from being teleported to an unknown thief city in a pocket dimension to which he started a new farm,Grew many turnips and was known for a great cider which he sold and made so much money that he managed to rebuild the city from scratch after it was destroyed by an Ancient Black Dragon called Allarthix. he even managed to route out all the thieves and gangs and he was the one who founded what it known as the glorious stock broker market which brought in even more gold.

However Arffur remained true no matter how much gold he had and built many homes and farms for the commoners of the realm,which eventually lead to him becoming the Emperor of land followed by being often referred to and the God-Emperor. Which was a very promising rule and is often considered a golden age. Sadly a god of wealth grew jealous of Arffur and decended from the heavens to fight him in honourable combat.

Never known to back down, Arffur rode out to meet the threat on his trusty steed Daisy, the highlander cow and armed with his magic pitchfork (crafted from a sword of total destruction in the centre, a dagger of truth as the left prong and the dagger of wild growth as the right)his iconic shield made from a cart wheel. After a long and immense conversation of declaring that this was Arffur's land and how the god should respect his squatters rights when told that it was the god of wealth that created this realm, the god bowed in defeat but not after granting the gift of immortality and godhood onto such a brave and pure hearted soul...many argue that this was done to simply stop the now God, Arffur from demanding a rematch for more land.

Those that follow the man-turned-god show their respect through the consumption of copious amounts of Apple cider (which follows the same recipe that He followed himself) and the roasting of turnips.

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