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"You are the most hateful to me of the gods who hold Olympus; forever strife is dear to you and wars and slaughter." -- Zeus (Iliad (5.890))

Lesser Deity
Symbol: Spear, dogs, vultures
Home Plane: Olympus
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Destruction, rage, violence, war, cowardice
Clergy Alignments: non-lawful, non-good only
Domains: War, Chaos, Evil, Madness
Favored Weapon: Spear

Ares in Battle (20HD/Barbarian 20/Fighter 20)[edit]

Divine Rank: 10

BAB: +40

AT: +40/+35/+28/+21 (*2, shortspear and spiked shield)

AC: 77 (+10 divine ranks, +10 Bracers of Armor, +7 shield (+5), +9 Dex, +1 Dodge, +23 Natural, +7 Charisma) (38) (-5 divine rage, -4 Reckless Charge)

Hp: 1,200 (1,500 raging)

Max DC/# of free portfolio-related actions per round: 20/5

DR: 25/Epic

Dmg: 4d6 + 37 (+22 Str (raging) + 5 (magic) + 10 (Divine Weapon Specialization))


Str: 34(44) Con: 30(40) Dex: 29 Int: 18 Wis: 12 Cha: 24

Initiative: +27 (but always wins vs. mortals via Supreme Initiative)

Feats (21 ECL + 11 Fighter bonus): Power Attack, Leap Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Dire Charge, Endurance, Diehard, Reckless Charge, Improved Overrun, Improved Bull Rush, Shock Trooper, Combat Reflexes, Improved Combat Reflexes [Epic], Reckless Rage, Incite Rage, Terrifying Rage, Ruinous Rage, Thundering Rage, Mighty Rage, Thundering Rage, Combat Brute, Improved Sunder, Improved Initiative, Superior Initiative, Weapon Focus (Shortspear), Weapon Specialization (Shortspear), Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Grapple, Legendary Wrestler

Divine Abilities (13):

Divine Rage, Alter Size, Irresistible Blows (DC 30), Battlesense, Divine Recall (Acts of violence), Increased Damage Reduction, Wound Enemy, Frightful Presence (DC 27), Supreme Initiative, Avatar, Divine Weapon Focus (Shortspear), Divine Weapon Specialization (Shortspear), Divine Weapon Mastery,

Magic items: +5 shortspear (throwing, nine lives stealer, unholy, anarchic power), Gripsoul,+6 keen longsword, Bracers of Armor +10, Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance, +5 large shield.


Violent Ares, that thing of fury, evil-wrought, that double-faced liar."- Athena, Iliad 5.699

Ares is often mislabeled a god of war -- he is more appropriately regarded as the god of the things that accompany war -- violence and destruction, the loss of self-control, the irrational pursuit of glory or revenge.

Ares' worshipers aspire to be feared for their explosive passions and overwhelming capacity for violence and destruction.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Ares is famous in poem and song, but is rarely the object of formal, organized worship. Whilst mindless violence and bloodlust may be universal human qualities, they are rarely openly aspired to.

Scattered cults invoke Ares, wishing to emulate his fierce destructive power.

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