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Alignment. Chaotic evil
Domains. Chaos and Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Arachne's goals are to get back her power because she was an almost all-powerful deity where she killed almost everyone but a few people by using giant death robots and chaos magic. the people who survived formed the spiderslayers. Their goal was to remove Arachne's power and spend her in another universe. When the spiderslayers spend Arachne to the other universe she started a cult called the cult of chaos. Then she took control of the forge of mount flame and renamed it the forge of chaos. She is trying to get her power back and get revenge.

Arachne resides in the forge of chaos. Arachne looks like an arachnid with raven wings. Arachne scares everyone because if she gets her power back she would absorb every other deity for more power. People who worship her are people who want to gain power and cause chaos.

The clerics are people who sell their souls to Arachne so they are soulless. The places of religion are full of bones and weapons.

Symbols: fell star dagger, crown of chaos, raven wings. The fell star dagger is purple and red. Arachne's left wing is black and red and her right wing is white and purple.

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