Appraising creatures and players (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Appraising creatures and players[edit]

This table is to help when a Player is trying to gauge another players or npc's abilities in character using an appraise check to discern general level and toughness

Base D.C is 10+ character level/Hit dice((whichever is higher))


Wizard/Sorcerer/rogue: +4

Ranger/Bard/druid/cleric/paladin: +2

Fighter/Monk: -1

Barbarian: -2

If The class is the same as own:+0 instead

If the character is used to hiding their skill: +5

If the character often shows off abilities: -5

otherwise +0

any race but own: +5

fantastic creatures: +10

successful knowledge checks can help to lower the appraise D.C

example: knowledge religion checks to druids, clerics, and paladins can help discern abilities granted by said religions

players can take knowledge ranks on specific classes to lower d.c

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