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Applied Scholastics [General, Role Play]

Your scholarly knowledge is helpful in nearly every situation.
Prerequisite: A least 15 total ranks in 3 or more Knowledge skills
Benefit: You may use your Knowledge skills to take the Aid Another action in place of the actual skill being used. So long as you beat a DC 10 you add +2 to the roll of whomever you are aiding. You may also do this to aid your own actions by applying the aid bonus to a subsequent skill check you make. Using Aid Another remains a standard action.
Special: Because there is no hard and fast rule for which Knowledge skill can aid what actions, your DM should decide when it is appropriate although you can certainly present your case for how your smarts will make the task easier. You can never use a knowledge skill to aid your own knowledge skill checks.

Example: Janoc the scholar is about to climb a wall. His Climb skill is very poor, but he has a very good Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) skill and wants to use this to find a good way to climb. The DM judges this a relevant field of knowledge. Taking a standard action to use Aid Another to help himself, he succeeds, granting +2 to his Climb check on his next action.

Author: OGC Source AEGF © OGC Source AEGF 2002   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
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