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After years of fighting, you come to the conclusion that no matter how strong your body will ever be, never will the physical force be as strong as the magical one. You've seen the great power of the mages and start fearing every magic user. With time this fear become an hatred, a great hatred towards mages and their kind. You start searching a way to make them feel as weak as you do in their presence. After a tons of research, a book come in your path, a book about an extinct sect, the ts'ere-jira. This book might be an hundred pages of pure gibberish, but with each day you slowly start to decipher the meaning and the secret of its page and with it come a dark power.

The power of the book[edit]

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, the book begin to give you access to new power, you gain the ability to cast certain spell - much like a sorcerer. However, you do not own any spell slot. Your spell casting ability is your strength.

Anti-Mage Spells list
Spell Level Spells
1st Arcane Smite - Countertrip - Dark I
2nd Disarm - Ward - Dark II
3rd Spellbreaking Smite - Absorb Energy - Dark III
4th Agonizing Smite - Twin Bolts of Demonfire
5th Darkbolt
6th Voyage into Shadow - Antimagic Blast
7th Withering Destruction
8th Tomb of Night
9th Shadow Time

Magic Siphoning[edit]

At 3rd level, your attacks and extra attacks steal a certain number of spell slots from your opponents, depending on your level. You lose these spell slots after a short or long rest. You deal an additional D4 of necrotic damage for every spell slots an opponent is unable to give you.

You always start by stealing the weakest spell slot from your opponent. e.g. Against an level 5th wizard, you'll steal is 4 (1st) spell slots first, than you start stealing is 3 (2nd) and etc. 
Fighter Level Stolen Spell slots per hit
3rd 1 spell slot
7th 2 spell slots
11th 3 spell slots
15th 4 spell slots
19th 5 spell slots

Shut'em down[edit]

At 7th Level, you start to recognize your opponent spells pattern and you know when to strike to stop them from casting anything. If an opponent cast a spell, you may use your reaction to dash up to 15 ft and if your in range, you can make a single melee attack targeting the spell caster. This melee attack interrupt the spell before it is cast.

You may use this ability a number of time equal to your strength modifier, at a minimum of one, per day.

You may use the dash without the melee attack and the melee attack without the dash. The dash can allow you to dodge an zone spell, but cannot dodge a spell directly targeting you. The target of the melee attack must be the one casting the spell.

Cut the flow[edit]

At 10th Level, you now understand how to unbalance the magic flow of your opponents. Whenever you deal damage to an opponent, it prevent him from using cantrip on his next turn. Your indomitable ability now have advantage against spells.

Fast casting[edit]

At 15th level, you start to Master the combination of spells and attack. You can now cast a spells instead of your extra attacks. You get a +2 bonus to your initiative.

Magic wrecking[edit]

At 18th Level, you finally deciphered the book and understand how to truly neutralize any magic user. As an action on your turn, you may target an opponent to immediately steal his strongest spell slot and prevent him from using any spells for the the duration of his next turn.

This ability can be use only once per short or long rest.

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