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Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Sanity
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Ansenia, goddess of Sanity, is erratic and unpredictable in her actions. She takes on all aspects of the mind, ranging from calm, analytical, destructive, even simply chaotic. She does not call for following, she simply tries to guide the many races of Sarrin.

Ansenia doesn't stay in one place, constantly looking for something or someone based on the persona she is locked into. She could be in the furthest reaches of Sarrin or in Otherworld, working with a group of adventurers or causing chaos in a nearby town.

Ansenia resembles that of an angelic being, except that her face would appear ethereal and emotionless, her wings changing to match the psyche she has embodied.

Ansenia has no relationships within the pantheon, being unable to stay to a controlled being.

Ansenia has no shrines, no followers, no teachings. She is simply the embodiment of the mind, controlled by none and erratic as could be.

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