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Animals don't attack one of their friends, unless, of course, the animal is threatened or attacked first.
Prerequisite: Level 9, Charisma 12, 4 ranks in Handle Animal
Benefit: Rank 1: Animals (such as Yao Guai and Mole Rats and other animalistic mammels) will not attack you or your party unless attacked first.

Rank 2: Nearby (30 feet plus five feet every three levels after 9) animals will come to your aid in combat (though not against other animals affected by this feat).

Note: Animals have Intelligence scores of 1 or 2 (predatory animals tend to have Intelligence scores of 2). No creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher can be an animal.
Special: The first time this feat is selected, rank 1 is applied. The second time, rank 2 is applied.

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