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Built By: Kobolds

Used Primarily By: Kobolds

Cost: 33,000 gp

Hit Points: 250

Damage Threshold: 15

Crew: 12/66 (Small) or 8/33 (Medium)

Max ability modifier: +3

Landing—Land: Yes

Landing—Water: No

Armor Class: 14

Standard Armament:

  • 2 medium ballistae
  • 1 medium catapults
  • 1 blunt ram

Cargo(tons): 21

Keel Length: 130'

Beam Width: 135'


Named for the legend of beautiful, winged creatures that descended from the heavens to heal fallen warriors, these basic but highly versatile ships were the backbone of the kobold presence in space. The ship had a strong keel that ran down the bottom of the craft, with thick gunwales curving up and out from that keel. Wings were added to increase the ship's stability and maneuvering capabilities, which had the added bonus of making the Angelship well suited for maneuvering in planetary atmospheres.

The interior of the Angelship had few rooms. The pack-like instincts of kobolds mean that they rarely constructed individual quarters, instead preferring to share cubbies found in hollow portions of the wings. The leaders of the ship slept together in the forward most chamber, directly behind the metal-tipped blunt ram. In battle, they would be found in the bridge, behind their quarters.

Ship Uses[edit]

Trader: By far the most common configuration for the vessel, the Angelship was long the most popular trading vessel in Wildspace due to its large cargo hold and ability to land on planet surfaces. Though the design fell out of favor during the Unhuman Wars due to the frequency of altercations with the Imperial Elven Navy that such vessels enjoyed, it is making a comeback as more and more make their way into the hands of other races.

Raider: When a more battle-ready ship was needed, standard Angelships could be temporarily modified to hold up to 2 catapults and 3 ballistae. They would then often carry a complement of up to 9 Arrows that could be deployed from the cargo hatches, though these improvements of course came at the cost of nearly all cargo space.

Bulk Cargo: By removing all weaponry but a single catapult and breaking down some interior walls, an Angelship can carry as much as 26 tons of cargo, though the threat of pirates means that these are rarely found without an escort.

Night Angel: Painted black and often cloaked by Darkness spells, the Night Angels were the elite forces of the kobolds. Optimized for combat, they sacrificed mobility for the sake of additional firepower and armor plating. A Night Angel's AC increases to 15, and it carries 6 ballistae and 3 catapults. Its max ability modifier is reduced to +2, and its cargo capacity to 9 tons. These ships were always operated by the maximum number of crewmen and included several casters for magical support.


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